Peter J Evans

Peter J Evans makes drawings that attempt to mark out and describe the interactions between things. In esoteric systematic graphite marks Evans uses singular lines to be representative of anything, taking the stance that all things share the idea of travelling through time & space & of interaction with one another be that a carbon atom or a car on a motorway. The weave that these lines form is what interests Evans, the fact that whilst some lines are hidden they are still exerting an influence. Everything connects whilst also existing as a singular form.

“The essential subject material for these works – my artistic practice – is the interlacing of all things, not in a post-modern sense but a philosophical one, tracing lines and interactions through moments. The clearest nights those become visible are often ones of solitude as we, along with the mass of everything, pass through space – always traveling, leaving traces and gaining experiences. Holding time in memories, which continue to influence our present as we pass on something of ourselves to become the past.”