Roundhead or Cavalier?

Jamie Reid, Tea and Sympathy (Royal Gold)
Jamie Reid, Tea and Sympathy (Royal Gold)

If bunting, Jubilee mugs and Union Jack cushions aren’t cutting it for your Royal celebrations then invest in a radical Jamie Reid print. Revive the punk rocker inside and be an unconventional Royalist this June.

Reid created these notorious images of punk rock by using letters cut from newspaper headlines in the style of a ransom note. Designed specifically for the Sex Pistol’s single ‘God Save The Queen’ in 1977 they feature iconic images of Her Maj with safety pins, and cups of tea. These prints are redolent of the heady days of punk.

A leading figure in the Situationist movement in the ‘70s, Reid propelled himself into the public eye with the infamous Sex Pistols album and single covers. His career has spanned over 40 years and he has produced an incredible array of recognisable work, ensuring his lasting presence in our cultural memory.

Jamie Reid, Never Mind the Bollocks (Red)
Jamie Reid, Never Mind the Bollocks (Red)
Jamie Reid, God Save The Queen
Jamie Reid, God Save The Queen

Our selection of six Reid God Save The Queen inspired prints are available to buy. All are signed by the artist and include the highly collectable Tea & Sympathy in Royal gold, silver and white and Old Queen in gold and red and Union Jack in green, white and blue (beats Stella McCartney’s pallid Olympic creations). Prices for these rebellious prints start at £696 and range to £960.

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