What are the Key Artworks to Invest in this Year?

With the recession continuing and returns on cash deposits at historically low levels, art is worth considering as an alternative investment.

Here are our suggestions of investment standard works that would complement any collection.

Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin continues to head from strength to strength, his ceramics are increasingly popular but his paintings and prints remain much sought after items.

Dan not only set the art world alight with his iconic skulls and birds but the fashion world as well – you can read our exclusive interview with Dan on this here.

This signed piece, a limited edition of 150 from the Divine Revelation Series, 2006, ticks all the right boxes. For more information click here.



Peter Blake

Getting In Over My Head

Peter Blake, now in his eightieth year continues to be one of Britain’s most distinctive and popular artist. We worked with Peter on the publication of Gettin’ In Over My Head, a prime example of his collage work.

Created for a Brian Wilson album it is classic Blake – a contemporary merger of popular culture and high art. For more information click here





Damien Hirst

The world’s richest artist has spilt from the world’s most powerful art dealer, it’s like an art world soap opera. But what does that mean for Hirst’s work? His spot prints are a must, with the latest Brit award adorned in these iconic yet simple shapes, the art and fashion world will be celebrating these designs later this month. Early examples of his spot prints, such as Valium and LSD are perennial favourites. For more information click here





Antony Micallef

If there was ever an artist to get lost in, Micallef is that artist. Cartoon inspired prints with deep thought provoking meanings secure Micallef as one of the UK’s most beautifully troubled yet fantastic contemporary artists. Propelled into the harsh spotlight of the art world in 2000 after coming second in the BP Portrait Award, the world has been entranced by his happy go-unlucky work combined with his disturbing portraits. He exhibits infrequently which is why purchasing a piece from him is a must for 2013.







William Wegman

Wegman and his trusted pooch, the aptly named Man Ray, cast a surrealist sense of humour throughout the photographer’s skilfully and highly stylised shots.

Wegman, a keen photographer and trend spotter (who would have thought he could predict the rise in animal dressing 10 years ahead?!) is a photographer whose wit, and sense of the surreal, has kept him entirely collectable. Who said art can’t be fun – and that animal photography can’t be art?

For more information click here

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