A female Bansky you say?

There’s another street artist on the rise in the capital. Hailed as the ‘female Banksy’, Bambi is taking the city by storm.

Her work, more celebrity topical than political propaganda, has a hint of arrogance to it.

A firm favourite with the celebrity set, she has already been commissioned by Kate Moss, Adele and Rhianna to name a few.

However unlike Bansky who is rarely quoted in media, Bambi has already jumped on the media gravy train – even speaking to the likes of Grazia magazine.

After her first exhibition, held at Walton Fine Arts Gallery in Knightsbridge, for which she used a mix of spray paint, diamond dust and gold leaf to create her pieces, some have touted Bambi as an upper class street artist with good connections.

Still she emphasises her Hoxton roots and there’s no denying her work has a very definite appeal, mixing together some of the celebrity comment of Stella Vine with street-style as this Amy Winehouse print shows.

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