Homewares and Bridging the Gulf

This newsletter we explore art that is making an impact in the home, in the hotel – and how art marries with religion.

Hirst Homewares

So it seems Damien Hirst has moved into the world of interiors… Is this a permanent move or just a one time collaboration with the Conran Shop? Some might call him a sell-out, after all, not many artists move into towels. But it certainly opens up his ownership to a wider range of people who can’t quite afford the price tag of a Spot painting or one of his fancy designs at Lucien Pellat-Finet… Tweet us or Facebook us your thoughts on this @monographart or facebook.com/pages/Monograph. For something to hang on your wall rather than to dry your hands on, old favourites like Valium or LSD might fit the bill. http://www.monograph-art.com/artists/damien-hirst/



Artist in Residence

Many institutions enlist artists in residence, from craftsmen to contemporary artists, but one man in particular has been hitting the headlines of late – and we like his style.

Unless you’re a fashion illustration fan then you may not have heard of David Downton. His work has graced the pages of Vogue and Vanity Fair and his clients include Chanel and Harrods.

Several years ago David was snapped up by legendary hotel Claridge’s. With its breath-taking interiors – not to mention the high calibre guests – this partnership was a match made in art – and five star heaven. In his time at the London hotel, Downton has sketched the likes of Daphne Guinness, Laura Bailey and Diane Von Furstenberg to name but a few. These collaborations in the art world revolutionise the way people have access to art, from top hotels to prisons and we like it! Also… David, we’re a little bit jealous of your job…

Bridging the Gulf

When we heard that Abu Dhabi was opening a Louvre off-shoot we were intrigued. With the wealth of the country the collection is bound to be breath-taking. But how will Islamic mores be reconciled with much of the Western art tradition? Will the Venus Di Milo or Ingres’ Odalisque be shown? Ignoring the obvious challenge of the nude what about other representations of living things? Or will it focus more on the greats of Islamic art? Curator Laurence Des Cars has said ‘no artistic subjects will be off limits’ which has certainly piqued our interest.

We’re looking forward to seeing what this branch of the Louvre will showcase in 2015.

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