Digging up past controversy

This newsletter sees Hirst controversy rise again from the grave, a pre-teen prodigy and Christie’s breaking records yet again.

Hirst’s causing a stir once again…and this time it’s with the archaeologists

Hirst’s work has always attracted controversy, whether it’s his formaldehyde shark or even his tamer spot paintings, it seems there’s always someone who has something to say.

This time round it seems the group who have an issue have missed the mark by about 20 years.

Welcome Leicester Archaeology department!

Issuing a press release about the ‘ethics’ of Hirst’s infamous ‘With Dead Head’, the department want the work not to be publicly displayed. Confused? We are.

They say it’s unethical and it should not be on display on the grounds that the gentleman whose head is in the photo donated his body to scientific research, not art. And that his family would have been and still will be deeply hurt by the photo.

We doubt Hirst will be too bothered by the controversy – he’s hardly a stranger to criticism, of both his work and his ethics.

If you’d like a piece of the latest Hirst controversy and one of his earliest works, you can buy here

‘Mini Monet’ is painting his way to success

Usually, when your 10 year-old brings home his school paintings, they take pride of place on the fridge held up by an old holiday magnet – not being sold for several thousands of pounds.

But the latter is what is happening to Kieron Williamson, who saw 23 of his impressionable paintings sell out in 20 minutes, earning him a whopping £242,095.

If Williamson keeps painting the way he is, he is on route to push his earnings to £1,000,000 something similar to that of a Disney child prodigy.

His parents however, are not pushing him into painting until his little fingers blister – instead they are letting his creative juices flow and allowing him to paint as and when he wants. It’s this approach which is making his paintings so sought after.

Being a savvy 10 year old is all the rage and he has even invested money in a house which he aims to convert into his very own art gallery down in Norfolk.

We’re fascinated by his talent and are keen to see how long the career of this art prodigy will last.

Art – still the hot investment

Jamie Reid, God Save The Queen

Christie’s has once again broken an art record, proving that people are still choosing to invest in art.

With record sales of £2.4 billion and up 9% on the same period last year – it’s no surprise that art is continually managing to buck the recession.

If you’ve not started your collection yet and you’re keen to get into the art market then check out our top tips on how to begin your collection.

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