Hirst’s causing a stir once again…and this time it’s with the archaeologists

Hirst’s work has always attracted controversy, whether it’s his formaldehyde shark or even his tamer spot paintings, it seems there’s always someone who has something to say.

This time round it seems the group who have an issue have missed the mark by about 20 years.

Welcome Leicester Archaeology department!

Issuing a press release about the ‘ethics’ of Hirst’s infamous ‘With Dead Head’, the department want the work not to be publicly displayed. Confused? We are.

They say it’s unethical and it should not be on display on the grounds that the gentleman whose head is in the photo donated his body to scientific research, not art. And that his family would have been and still will be deeply hurt by the photo.

We doubt Hirst will be too bothered by the controversy – he’s hardly a stranger to criticism, of both his work and his ethics.

If you’d like a piece of the latest Hirst controversy and one of his earliest works, you can buy here

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