The best value art buy ever?

In this newsletter we examine one man’s good luck at buying a Warhol for £3, Banksy, Saatchi’s big art sale and the Fourth Plinth.

The £3 Warhol…

Ever dreamed of picking up a real bargain at a flea market or jumble sale? One man hit the jackpot when he bought an original Andy Warhol drawing at a Las Vegas jumble sale for £3 and has now put it up for sale on eBay for an estimated minimum of £1.25 million.

Not only that but buyer Andy Fields has been told it could be worth up to ten times that. Experts think the sketch is a previously unknown drawing by Pop Art legend Andy Warhol when he was aged ten or 11. The late 1930s pencil and graphite sketch has been formally valued at £1.3 million and the drawing of singer and actor Rudy Vallee would move the birth of Pop Art back almost two decades and show Warhol was already producing Pop Art in childhood.

Even Charles Saatchi can’t avoid the relationship revamp

Last week legendary art dealer Charles Saatchi was granted a quickie divorce from TV chef wife Nigella Lawson. Now, everyone falls foul of the ‘break-up curse’, some dye their hair, some cut it all off, and some sell off their 50 greatest works with no reserve price.

His team insist this has been in the works for a while. We, however think not. Why else would you get rid of that amount of work? Which includes the infamous Tracy Emin My Bed and will be exhibited in a car parking lot – instead of Christie’s itself.

We’re going to keep an eye on this one…

Another Banksy robbed from the streets of London

Once again street art in London is being removed so wealthy art dealers can have a slice of the Banksy pie.

We were disheartened to hear that Slave Labour was removed from a Poundland wall in Wood Green earlier this year, so it comes as an even bigger shock to see another one of his works has also gone missing. No Ball Games was taken from Tottenham Green last week.

It starts to beg the question, is street art safe anymore?

Street art has always been for the masses, and we’re pretty sure that Banksy, despite his clear political messages, would never want his artwork removed from walls.

Maybe this is a clever ploy by art houses to get Banksy to create more aggravated artworks – of course, for them to steal. Or maybe it will send him into hiding, or even a new city? Who knows!

Like Banksy but don’t want a wall attached? Check out our Banksy artworks here

The Big Blue Cockerel

One of the best art initiatives in the country – the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square has revealed its latest addition.

If you’ve been in London this past week then you can’t have missed the rather large bright-blue cockerel sitting pretty next to the fountains.

Artist Katharina Fritsch’s Hahn/Cock was unveiled earlier this month by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

We’re intrigued by it – the Fourth Plinth is notoriously famous for eye-catching and bold brash sculptures – and this definitely fits the mould.

We’re sure this very tongue in cheek sculpture will bring amusement to tourists, London habitants and social media for many months to come!

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