What’s next for the Fourth Plinth?

Who would you chose for the next Fourth Plinth? We view the shortlist, look at how giant snails are bringing art to the masses and, is Banksy on holiday?

The Fourth Plinth… again

The Fourth Plinth sculptures are back! We were just getting used to the big blue cockerel too. The shortlist for next year has been released. It all seems rather silver and shiny to us, does it to you? They’re also a lot safer than the big blue cockerel which caused quite a stir! Our favourite is the ‘Gift Horse’ by Hans Haacke – it’s unusual and we think it would be quite fitting for Trafalgar Square. Take a look here and let us know which one’s you’re routing for over on our Twitter page

Giant yellow snails…what next?!

Earlier this year it was the giant rubber duck…now, it’s giant fluorescent snails! Despite it being completely bonkers, we are fans of this kind of art. It makes for a great talking point and brings art to the masses. With the power of social media growing stronger, these great outdoor installations transport across the world. Take a look here

Banksy is at it again

And this time he’s hopped over the pond to the sunny delights of LA. Has the constant theft of his artwork in London Town and the grey skies sent him packing? We like his new work…just not too sure what it means.


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