Hirst, Banksy and the Femme Fierce

Bursting at the seams with Banksy’s latest Twitter announcement, an artwork which broke a world record and Hirst’s memory loss. This week’s newsletter is nothing short of mind boggling…

Hirst announces his plans to release an auto-biography

Damien Hirst has announced to the world that he will be working on a highly-anticipated auto-biography. As great as this may seem and as much as we’re waiting with bated breath to read it, there is one slight problem. Hirst has forgotten 10 years of his life….meaning this book will miss out all the fun goss of his roaring Goldsmith’s years! Well, either way, we’re looking forward to seeing the next stage of the Hirst takeover!

Banksy ‘I like it, but it’s not me.’

A very Banksy-esque piece of art popped up in Shepherds Bush recently – which, of course, set tongues wagging. However, much to our dismay (and to the joy of the actual artist!) Banksy confirmed via Twitter that the work was not his, but that he liked it. Well, all we can say to the unknown artist is, you don’t get a bigger compliment than one from Banksy





Breaking records

We love a world record breaking art story, and we’re a fan of this one! More than 100 international female street artists descended in to south London’s Leake Street Tunnel to create the continuous mural. Named as the Femme Fierce, the group spend six hours spraying lettering and imagery onto a pink background in aid of Breast Cancer Care on International Women’s Day.

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