Warhol, Frieze and a Northern landmark…

This week we’re talking about viewing Frieze from across the pond on social media, the Angel of the North gets a make-over and Warhol paintings go for stacks at the latest auction

Artwork focus – Damien Hirst – With Dead Head

If you’re looking to build Damien Hirst into your collection we’d suggested starting with one of his earliest works ‘With Dead Head’ . As with all of his work, it wasn’t short of controversy to say the least, however, it’s a great retrospective work, and certainly one to have in your collection. The price for this is £600…to enquire or take a look visit here.




Frieze NYC 2014

Frieze was back last week and as always it’s created a buzz, attracting wealthy collectors from across the pond – it’s no longer the raucous sister of London. If you didn’t manage to make it to the Big Apple then you probably managed to see the best bits and nearly all of the art fair through social media. With hashtags a plenty, there was regular updates from art lovers, cool kids and serious culture folks on Twitter and Instagram. They might need to rename it the ‘social media art fair’ as far more people are involved with Frieze online than actually attending. We managed to catch a few highlights online including this…




How to annoy an artist…

Take a leaf out of Morrison’s book. Earlier this month, much to the annoyance of Antony Gormley and the North East, Morrison’s supermarket decided to project an image of a baguette across the wings of the Angel of The North in a bid to bring back customers from other supermarket chains. As Gormley doesn’t have anything to do with the copyright side of things, sadly he wasn’t informed prior to a very tasteless advertising stunt, but he did have this to say “I’d rather the Angel is not used for such purposes, but it’s out there,” Morrisons, we say stop fiddling with cultural landmarks and invest in less antagonising advertising.


Warhol sells for mega bucks again

The minute a Warhol goes up for auction, we get a small rush. Why? Because it means the art world is about to go crazy again. Warhol attracts high-end art collectors like no other artist out there, his work is so renowned which is why it always commands such an impressive auction. This time round, two pieces from his ‘Death and Disaster?’ collections sold for more than $100m – a fierce auction not for the faint hearted! We hope the works, which include ‘White Marilyn’ and ‘Race Riot’, don’t get shut off from the world and locked in a vault.

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