Monograph Music Month

Festival season is about to kick-off and we thought we’d celebrate by showing off some of the great music inspired artworks currently in-stock here at Monograph.n

Gorillaz Stained Glass by Jamie Hewlett

If you loved comic books growing up and were inspired by the Gorillaz then the Stained Glass window set from co-creator Jamie Hewlett will be the perfect addition to your collection. Featuring five different pieces with various band members, this is modern day pop memorabilia at its best. To enquire about pricing email us at




Never Mind The Bollocks by Jamie Reid

Nothing screams the 1970s more than the iconic image of punk-royalty Jonny Rotten and Sid Vicious declaring anarchy in the UK. Subsequently nothing accompanies it better than the work talented artist Jamie Reid did with the band. His Most famous piece, Never Mind The Bollocks will forever be held in high regard in the cultural circles and has made a lasting impression for the band. Priced at £960, this is a must have for any punk rock loving art collector.




Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by Peter Blake

This album sleeve defined The Beatles, it propelled them into the limelight and has since been featured on everything from cushions and posters, to mugs and clocks, but if you’re after the real deal then look no further as we have the very collectible screenprint. Price is on application so please email us at

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