Spotlight on: Lucie Bennett

Undoubtedly one of the UK’s most visually appealing artists, despite the simplicity of her style, Lucie Bennett’s work always commands the room. This week we celebrate her greatest artworks.

Air Force Blue

3Air Force Blue is a classic print. Celebrating the female form in all its glory, this artwork is a bold seductive statement. £780










2Bring a burst of colour into your art collection with Wonderland. A Fusion of the anatomical and the botanical this print is a must-have for your collection. £510







Pink Knickers

1Arguably one of the most iconic Lucie Bennett prints, and the most defining of her career, Pink Knickers will definitely be a talking point. This potent image of the female form will always be a focal point in any room. £2,100








Eve II

4Get lost in the bewitching appeal of Eve II, this siren lures you in and will hold your eye for hours. Showcasing the true beauty of Lucie Bennett’s work. In true siren style this piece will keep you infatuated with her work. £490

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