Banksy travels along way from home

There’s been an almighty fuss made this week by the removal of a Banksy mural from a wall in north London

Slave Labour had been located at the corner of Whymark Avenue in Wood Green, north London until part of the wall was removed – and turned up at an auction house in the US.

The artwork was due to be auctioned in Miami and had been expected to reach up to £450,000. Harringay Council asked the Arts Council to intervene but the council said there is little it can do as the mural is less than 50 years old and so excluded from Export Control. However, as a result of the publicity, the work has been withdrawn from the auction. It is possible that it is still in the UK as it will take some time to stabilise it before it can be shipped anywhere.

It sets an interesting precedent and raises a number of questions – will we see further Banksy murals cut out neatly from walls across the country?

How will the ultimate guerrilla artist react to his work being taken in this way? And will he act to prevent it in the future?

Our suggestion if you want your own Banksy – why not just buy a print and leave the public work where it belongs?

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