Monograph Must Have Works

This newsletter we’re focusing on artworks that catch your eye – and make you think twice.

From the beautiful to the bold we’ve picked our favourites to share with you.

Eric Bainbridge – Two Sausages

Two Sausages, 2011, is an archival pigment print, edition of 50 signed by the artist . This artwork is a still from Bainbridge’s video work which was developed with the artist for his solo show Eric Bainbridge – Video Show at CIRCA Screen in September 2011. It’s one of our more unusual pieces and one which will work well within any collection. This print is priced at £80 and is available to buy here.




Maurizio Cattelan – Untitled

Named in 2004 as the Most Powerful Artist by ArtReview, Cattelan’s work teases the artworld without falling into the naïve trap of thinking he can subvert a system of which he is a part. Untitled  is a cibachrome, stamped edition of 1,000. This print will certainly catch the eye of your guests should you showcase it. This print is priced at £600 and is available to buy here.









Samuel Fosso – Liberated American Woman

As one of Africa’s most eminent photographers, Fosso’s work is always incredibly colourful and will add a bold aspect to your collection. Liberated American Woman reflects this style of his work perfectly. This print is a C-type print, edition of 200, signed by the artist, priced at £780 and is available to buy here.








Martin Maloney – Childminders

Martin Maloney is a Goldsmith’s College graduate who has been a key player in raising the profile of British artists recently. His works are highly expressive, colourful and have an air of romanticism about them. Childminders is a key example of this. This original illuminated sculpture is priced at £480 and is available to buy here.

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