Monograph Greats

We’ve dedicated this newsletter to some of the best well known artworks that are currently in stock. If you’re looking to start your collection or add to an ever-growing one, this is exactly what you need.

Banksy Jack and Jill

This 2005 screenprint is from an edition of 350. This piece is perfect for any art collector wanting to frame it and hang it on a wall – after all, you don’t keep a Banksy hidden.




Dan Baldwin Divine Revelation

One artist we urge you to have in your collection is the incredible Dan Baldwin. The Maidstone School of Art graduate has been taking the art world by storm for more than a decade now with his motif-inspired works. Divine Revelation is a fusion of pointillism, bold skull prints and swallows making it incredibly beautiful and easy on the eye.





Peter Blake Manhattan Boogie Woogie

Every collector must have at least one Peter Blake in their collection – and if you can get an exclusive Blake collaboration, what’s not to love? Here at Monograph we have not one, but two exclusive Peter Blake prints. One of these is Manhattan Boogie Woogie. Created in 2009 from a 1980s collage, this screen print is from an edition of 250 and is signed by the artist. Typical of Blake’s collage style, this artwork is a must-have and costs only £900.




Damien Hirst Valium

Damien Hirst works have held their value throughout the years and one print which has certainly managed to keep its worth is Valium. Part of the spot print series, this is one of his most recognisable print works and one you should most definitely have in your collection. This print is priced at £10,800.

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