All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Marc Quinn, Cybernetically Engineered, Cloned and Nanoised Rabbit, £1,200

The Easter Bunny has been and gone and the long Easter weekend might now be nothing more than a distant memory.

If you want something a bit more lasting and exquisite, invest in one of these highly collectible limited edition Marc Quinn silver bunnies. Cybernetically Engineered, Cloned and Nanoised Rabbitis a silver sculpture of a rabbit that has been futuristically ‘nanoised’ in Quinn’s inimitable style.Biological themes can be seen throughout Quinn’s work. Self, the sculpture that propelled him into the spotlight in 1991, is a sculpture of Quinn’s own head. Four and a half litres litres of his own blood, the human life support system, is frozen to transform the fluid, essence of life into a fixed, inanimate death mask. Life and death juxtaposed. Switch off the freezing system and the blood will flow again, but life cannot be brought back.

Marc Quinn, Winter Garden

Similar ideas are at work in Winter Garden and Frozen Sunflowers. Transient beauty, literally frozen in time. The flower, the principal means of plant reproduction, the bringer of life, frozen in all its glory. And yet it is in stasis: living and not living.Cybernetically Engineered, Cloned and Nanoised Rabbitreflects these ideas. Using cybernetic analysis, a scientific practice where electronic and mechanical systems are studied and compared to biological systems, these works reflect Quinn’s obsession with the transition from birth to survival and death.

Marc Quinn, Frozen Sunflowers, £780

“A rabbit, but not as you know it”

At first glance it looks human: an upright figure, an arm reaching out. The illusion of movement and yet ‘In the midst of life we are in death’ as Morrissey (or The Book of Common Prayer) would have it. This later work also encompasses Quinn’s examination of the ideology of imperfection, first seen in Alison Lapper that was displayed in Trafalgar Square. The animated figure that seems so life-like, but which is headless and with distorted limbs. The attractive and the repellent in one figure.

If you love Quinn’s work, but can’t afford a few million pounds for Siren (Kate Moss cast in solid gold), then our little rabbits could be the answer. Cybernetically Engineered, Cloned and Nanoised Rabbit is priced at £1,200. Each edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Marc Quinn. Buy yours here.

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