Another venture for Hirst

In this week’s newsletter we talk all about Hirst and his ever-growing brand, the art initiative we’re in love with and last, but by no means least, discover how the deformed fresco is making money!

Hirst hits the fashion world…again

Fashion power-house Alexander McQueen has announced a unique collaboration with Damien Hirst to celebrate its tenth anniversary of the iconic signature skull scarf.

30 limited edition designs will appear on a collection of scarves and will be inspired by Hirst’s entomology paintings. Designs will feature butterflies (what else?!), bugs and spiders amongst many other things.

After his last attempt in the fashion world with none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, we’re waiting with baited breath to see what the scarves look like.

We’re huge fans of Hirst and his work, but his bags were, let’s just say, an acquired taste…..

Check out our Damien Hirst works here

Art Everywhere has launched!

Art Everywhere, the art initiative which we love, is finally here and on our streets!

The aim, to promote art to the masses – its founder, an unlikely smoothie drinks maker and not an artist.

We think this is such a great way to get culture to the masses and really showcase just what British art is all about.

We hear there’s many sites already live, although they haven’t managed to reach us up here in Newcastle yet. Have you seen any of the adverts? If so tweet us! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Damaged fresco of Christ – so bad, it’s good…for tourism

Earlier this year, the art world was shocked to see the end result of the restoration of a fresco of Christ turned out. Instead of being restored to its former glory, it was damaged beyond belief.

Local Spanish artist Cecelia Gimenez is having the last laugh now. She may have a bad rep in the art world, but her version of this work has been seen across the world, sparked debates and even drawn 40,000 visitors to the town of Borja where she works.

Never one to miss a trick, the local tourism board has now used this image on all kinds of tourist trinkets – so you too can take home a memory of damaged art.

Cecelia, is due to sign a deal with the local authority where she will in turn make money off this bizarre turn of events.

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